Support for ED25519/ED448 DS records by OpenSRS

Simon Arlott simon at
Thu Feb 18 22:43:53 UTC 2021

My OpenSRS reseller is unable to get them to support ED25519/ED448 DS
records in .AU (I have a response from the administrator of the domain
informing me that the registrar supports these algorithm types):

> We're sorry but OpenSRS has stated that they cannot easily/quickly setup
> support for these algorithms and to submit requests via their public forum
> for support to be added.

Support for ED25519 and ED448 in DNSSEC has been a standard for 4 years

Registries and registrars appear to be repeating the same problems that
have plagued IPv6 glue for years with these overly restrictive policies
on DS records.

Is anything being done to advise TLD operators and registrars to not do
this and encourage them to keep up to date if they do?

Supposedly it is to protect registrants from bad data but it would be
trivial to simply enter the wrong numbers in the individual component DS
record web forms that everyone is fond of.

Nominet (the .UK registry) have a similar problem being unable to add
two numbers to a list:

> Unfortunately, there are no dates yet as to when this might be implemented

Simon Arlott

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