.NU NSEC3 to NSEC roll over

Ulrich Wisser ulrich at wisser.se
Wed Nov 11 13:40:42 UTC 2020

.NU has for many years been signed with NSEC3. When the Swedish Internet foundation took over .nu in 2013 we continued with NSEC3. In 2017 we started to publish all zone files for .nu and .se (zonedata.iis.se). Since then we have wanted to do a roll over to NSEC.
Today is that day! At 13.00 UTC+1 we started the roll over from NSEC3 to NSEC and since 13.45 UTC+1 all our authoritative servers answer with NSEC records.
We have run checks from many places in the world with the help of the Ripe Atlas network, and have not seen any problems at all.
More detailed information will be made available soon.
Kind regards from Stockholm
(The Swedish Internet Foundation)
Ulrich Wisser
Senior DNS Expert
The Swedish Internet Foundation
Mobile: +46 704 467 893

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