[dns-operations] [Ext] Re: Contingency plans for the next Root KSK Ceremony

Kim Davies kim.davies at iana.org
Thu Mar 26 22:21:00 UTC 2020

Quoting Sergey Myasoedov on Thursday March 26, 2020:
> > 	• Using 3 TCRs’ credentials, either by having their access key transferred to us in a secure manner in advance of the ceremony, or by drilling the safety deposit box that holds their secure elements.
> Accessing the credentials without the TCRs present will shatter confidence in TCR model. Better avoid that.

It would be good to better understand this concern, because we are
facing scenarios where we may not have a choice but to do it in this
manner. What is your specific concerns about the lack of physical TCR
participation, and what would be the best way to remediate them? 

Bear in mind our goal is to continue to involve TCRs remotely in an
active role as much as possible, much in the same way they would
participate in a regular ceremony. They would oversee custody of their
credential, along with having the opportunity to interject and advise
along the way.


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