[dns-operations] creeping poorness of judgement

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Sun Mar 15 00:06:03 UTC 2020

Must be holidays over in US for all this... 

in as long as I can remember, several decades, all TXT records have been
always recommended to be encased in quotes. as in   TXT "ffs get over
it"  and every parser I've ever come across sees   ffs get over it   

secondly for SPF, I've used it since pretty much its inception, and
mailing list/forwarding scared cry babies obviously dont use DKIM -
which nearly always breaks...  Only those dumb enough to try use
Microsofts very short lived version of SPF (forget its actual name now) 
were the ones who incurred problems, real forwarders re-wrote it, as
they should. 

So if the issue is the TXT entry cant hold what you need it to hold,
then it needs to be more efficient. See how google does it - it works. 

Lastly, TXT and SPF - blame debians Scott Kitterman, he was the one who
so furiously argued agaisnt SPF having its own RR, he is the one
responsible for the massive push that saw it junked. 

Kind Regards, 

Noel Butler 

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