[dns-operations] New OARC Chat Platform

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.email
Wed Aug 26 02:17:22 UTC 2020

On 8/25/20 6:12 AM, Keith Mitchell wrote:

> Thanks everyone who has pointed out that to some extent this discussion
> is a bikeshed 

FYI, my questions are not about what service you picked. I'm interested 
in how the decision was made. I would also think it interesting to see 
the cost/benefit matrix for the various options, including the security 
considerations. Surely that's not new work, as Ondřej suggested?

I'm particularly interested in what elements are available for the new 
platform that were not available for jabber.

> I'll be the first to admin that OARC's systems engineering resources are
> over-stretched, and that's why we took the decision to outsource this
> service, which has successfully given us one less arcane thing to
> manage. The out-sourcing agreement is with Mythic Beasts, a UK-based
> cloud provider who offer managed Mattermost to other customers. As part
> of the service agreement, Mythic signed up as OARC Supporters, which
> binds them and the service to the same collective confidentiality terms
> as OARC Members are bound by.

Thank you for providing those details.


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