[dns-operations] Contingency plans for the next Root KSK Ceremony

Kim Davies kim.davies at iana.org
Wed Apr 22 21:39:07 UTC 2020


As a follow-up to the discussion a few weeks ago, we are proceeding the next root zone key signing ceremony tomorrow, as originally scheduled, but with reduced in-person participation and a limited agenda. We’ve put together a Q&A on our approach which is available at https://data.iana.org/ksk-ceremony/41/KC41_qa.pdf and a general interest blog article has been posted by ICANN at https://www.icann.org/news/blog/conducting-a-key-signing-ceremony-in-the-face-of-covid-19

The ceremony itself is scheduled to start at 1700 UTC on Thursday, the script and livestream will be available at https://www.iana.org/dnssec/ceremonies/41

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful input that went into the approach.


"Kim Davies" <kim.davies at iana.org<mailto:kim.davies at iana.org>> wrote:

The IANA team, and the broader ICANN organization, have been giving significant thought to the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on root zone KSK operations. Managing the KSK is centred on conducting "key signing ceremonies", where trusted community representatives (TCRs) attend from around the world to witness utilization of the root zone KSK private key. This approach seeks to engender trust in the broader community that the key has not been compromised, in addition to more typical controls such as third-party auditing.

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