[dns-operations] Cloudflare Rose and Rick in .com authoritative Nameserver

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Mon Apr 20 11:50:27 UTC 2020

Raffaele Sommese <raffysommy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rose and Rick are not in-bailiwick records required for the resolution
> of cloudflare.com (that use ns3-ns7.cloudflare.com as authoritative
> NS).
> So, why these records are in the .com authoritative server?

Different registries have different rules about glue records. Some require
glue addresses for any nameserver that is a subdomain of the registry
(.com in this case), not just for in-bailiwick delegations.

I call this "sibling glue". There was a fairly informative discussion
when I asked about it a few years ago: see the thread starting at

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