[dns-operations] DoH configuration in Chrome

Jan Schaumann jschauma at netmeister.org
Tue Apr 14 13:22:28 UTC 2020

Ulrich Wisser via dns-operations <dns-operations at dns-oarc.net> wrote:
> two of my students try to run some DoH tests. We do have manus doh-proxy (
> https://pypi.org/project/doh-proxy/) running. After abit of fiddling we got
> it working with firefox, but chrome refuses to connect.
> Maybe somebody could give us some hints or point to a good instruction?

Best as I know, Chrome only uses DoH if the local stub
resolver is on the short list of DoH providers it has
hardcoded (Cleanbrowsing, Cloudflare, DNS.SB, Google
DNS, OpenDNS, and Quad9):


That is, I don't think you'll be able to configure it
to use your local proxy or another DoH provider.


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