[dns-operations] [Ext] Re: Contingency plans for the next Root KSK Ceremony

Jacques Latour Jacques.Latour at cira.ca
Wed Apr 1 20:57:20 UTC 2020

Awesome! LOL  We all need a little bit of this stuff nowadays :-)

>Interesting -- my thriller was more: The gubbermint significantly
>increases, and then starts enforcing the lockdown. The TCRs heroically
>struggle to break through the barriers and cordons which surround the
>Culpeper site[0]. This provides many opportunities for "Smokey and the
>Bandit" style car chases, Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder piloting a
>cigarette boat up the Potomac River, Joao abseiling out of a
>helicopter, Subramanian doing a HALO jump from a balloon, Frederico
>(in full camo gear) stalking through the forest while avoiding dogs,
>and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicking everyone (just because).
>But, yes, of course mine also has a large, red countdown clock showing
>the time remaining till the signatures expire and the Internet deletes

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