[dns-operations] DNS over TCP query uptick with iOS 13?

Xavier Beaudouin kiwi at oav.net
Thu Oct 10 07:57:04 UTC 2019


>> I work for a Luxembourg company that provide Wifi in the street of
>> luxembourg cities (and some other places too).
>> I saw that DNS over TLS (not TCP) eg port 853/TCP is more and more used.
>> I don't have any graphs about its usage but yes our dnsdist is more and more
>> used.
> This might very well also be traffic from Android 9, as that has probing of DoT
> turned on by default. It would be interesting to compare the growth of DNS over
> TLS with the statistics of Android OS version distribution..

Well maybe, but unfortunatly I have no idea how to check the Android version 
users have (well not directly)....

I'll ask people there... if there is somewhat statistics on the captive portals.


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