[dns-operations] Questions on private nameservers registration

John W. O'Brien john at saltant.com
Tue Nov 26 01:35:34 UTC 2019

On 2019/11/25 19:57, Wesley Peng wrote:
> If I want to run my own nameservers, saying they are:
> ns1.wsly.de.
> ns2.wsly.de.
> Would I put the glues into DE's registry, or shall I put glues into all
> registries, including  COM, NET, INFO, ccTLD etc?

You would publish glue records to DE, and not to any of the others you
mentioned. The only situations where glue records are required (or even
useful) are when a resolver would be unable to traverse a referral
without them. That is, when a nameserver's name is in-baliwick of a zone
for which it is itself authoritative.

Are ns{1,2}.wsly.de authoritative for wsly.de? Then glue is required in
DE. Otherwise probably not [0].

[0] It would be theoretically possible for some other servers to be
authoritative for wsly.de while ns1.wsly.de is authoritative for
ns1.wsly.de and ns2.wsly.de is authoritative for ns2.wsle.de. In that
case, you would need glue in WSLY.DE and not in DE, but it would be very
unusual to do this in the first place and other DNS operators might look
at you funny.

John W. O'Brien
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