[dns-operations] [EXT] .cm DNS setup

Jacques Latour Jacques.Latour at cira.ca
Mon Nov 18 21:34:22 UTC 2019

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>Subject: [EXT] [dns-operations] .cm DNS setup
>I have a customer complaining that his mail to camccul.cm do bounce.
>After checking my recursive and authoritative DNS, I took a look on .cm
>.cm has the following nameservers configured in root zone:
>cm. 172800 IN NS sanaga.camnet.cm.
>cm. 172800 IN NS ns.itu.ch.
>cm. 172800 IN NS kim.camnet.cm.
>cm. 172800 IN NS lom.camnet.cm.
>cm. 172800 IN NS auth02.ns.uu.net.
>auth02.ns.uu.net. returns SERVFAIL for dig camccul.cm @auth02.ns.uu.net
>sanaga.camnet.cm. times out
>.cm has the following nameservers configured in .cm zone
>cm. 86400 IN NS mbam.camnet.cm.
>cm. 86400 IN NS ns-cm.afrinic.net.
>cm. 86400 IN NS auth02.ns.uu.net.
>cm. 86400 IN NS ns2.nic.cm.
>cm. 86400 IN NS benoue.camnet.cm.
>cm. 86400 IN NS phloem.uoregon.edu.
>cm. 86400 IN NS ns1.nic.cm.
>cm. 86400 IN NS ns.itu.ch.
>cm. 86400 IN NS ns-cm.nic.fr.
>cm. 86400 IN NS lom.camnet.cm.
>cm. 86400 IN NS kim.camnet.cm.
>auth02.ns.uu.net. returns SERVFAIL for dig camccul.cm @auth02.ns.uu.net
>benoue.camnet.cm does not exist
>.cm, would you please take a look?
>Thomas Mieslinger
>P.S.: please also fix mail setup for dotcm at antic.cm (SOA mail field)
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