[dns-operations] [EXT] Monitoring DNS BIND with SNMP ?

Jake Zack jake.zack at cira.ca
Tue Nov 12 18:01:33 UTC 2019

Years ago, before we’d implemented DSC for measuring query loads, I’d setup something along the lines of…

1)      Perl script runs…

a.       Reads in last intervals query number total

b.       Runs ‘rndc stats’

c.       Reads in this intervals query number total

d.       Subtracts one from the other (you need to handle BIND restarts, though.  If $current < $last then disregard…otherwise it makes graphs useless due to insane values)

e.       Saves this intervals delta to a file

2)      Snmp custom object id reads that file

a.       Used for Nagios monitoring (if less than $x or more than $y, alert with exit(2))

b.       Used for Cacti graphing

We’d written a draft a while back to try to encourage a standard for DNS software implementers to add SNMP hooks directly into things like query counts, but it never gained traction.

-Jacob Zack
DNS Architect – CIRA (.CA TLD)

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Subject: [EXT] [dns-operations] Monitoring DNS BIND with SNMP ?

Does anyone have recommendations for monitoring BIND with SNMP ?  I don't seem to find anything from ISC, and not much else on the web that looks good.

I specifically need to monitor the query rate (a mistake on a cluster with thousands of nodes can make a DNS server very busy).

Bob Harold

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