[dns-operations] Can Root DNS server modify the response?

Vittorio Bertola vittorio.bertola at open-xchange.com
Thu Mar 28 08:35:21 UTC 2019

> Il 27 marzo 2019 alle 0.36 David Conrad <drc at virtualized.org> ha scritto:
>     I was commenting on the “as ISPs are not to be trusted” part.  My point was that _some_ ISPs are known to have mucked with responses (by default, without informing users, etc).  Your ISP may not have done this, but others have and that has resulted in a desire to block that sort of behavior. Unfair, perhaps, as it paints all ISPs as equally guilty, but life isn’t fair.
Ok, so, since there have been some domain name registrars that have been behaving really badly, perhaps browsers should start to handle domain registrations in their place. After all, most end users register domain names through a browser window, so what's the problem if the browser intercepts that intention, sends the request directly to the registry, acts as the registrar and takes the money? Your registrar may not have done this, but others have. Life isn't fair!


P.S. Oh, and actually also some registries have been behaving badly, and ICANN has always been controversial and full of governments, so browser makers should replace registries and ICANN as well: once 3-4 browser makers control where the broad majority of the queries go, they can actually just run the namespace as they like. Wouldn't this be great?


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