[dns-operations] Is Cloudflare also serving e-root?

Lars-Johan Liman liman at netnod.se
Sat Mar 23 17:13:53 UTC 2019

klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at:
> I knew cloudflare serves f-root:
> https://blog.cloudflare.com/f-root/

> But recently I saw some traceroute to e-root ending at Cloudflare
> NYC/Paris, and others have seens this too [1]. For example:
> ...
> So, is Cloudflare taking over all root nameservers? :-)

Nope. :-) At least not yet ... ;-)

I can speak for ours (I-root), which remains operated separately, and
I'm sure others will speak up for their roots too.

The cooperation btw. F/C/E-root and Cloudflare has a feature. It creates
a diversity from the rest of us that I appreciate. Obviously that would
stop being a feature if we all cooperated with some cloud service
provider, but for now we don't. So it's a feature.

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