[dns-operations] Questions on DNS Flag day 2020 proposal

ljsong at biigroup.cn ljsong at biigroup.cn
Mon Jun 24 02:44:17 UTC 2019

> c) I've personally invited major "broken" operators to talks about the
> next flag days, and they promised in e-mail to participate in IETF dnsop
> WG and DNS OARC conference ... and then they did not show up without a
> single word of notice.
> Personally I feel we have done as much as we could to attract attention
> and do not know what else to do. If you have specific constructive
> suggestions let's hear them.

There are many reasons Asia's operators and vendors (not only China) seems 
offline and invisible from public discussion on ORAC/DNSOP mailing lists. 
As you may know, partially due to different culture background, they are "shy" 
to speak publicly and argue with others with different opinions. English not 
as their first and working language also contribute on this. If they have any 
appeal of operational or protocol issues, they usually end up with frustration 
because there is no authority to resolve their concerns. It is how Internet works and 
we should get use to that. But as result they usually give up communication and do 
whatever to fit them, NO DNSSEC, NO TCP, NO EDNS0,... It is also wired that there 
many Chinese engineers active in networking area in IETF but only a few in DNSOP. 
(Maybe DNS is not a big business?).

As to suggestions, AFAIK, the DNS circle in China is small and they have discussions 
internally. I suggest keep a short list of contact people from major ISPs' DNS, 
public/cloud DNS, CDN and vendors. We outreach them by periodically brief and invite them 
to participate and comment on some activities. We need more advocate and communications. 

ICANN engagement center held meeting several times in China in the past. I was invited once to 
Introduce DNSSEC and brief the status of ICANN's KSK rollover to Chinese community. It is a good 
platform. However, it is not regularly hosted and without online discussion afterwards. And most of 
participants are from ICANN circle, policy and domain business but not DNS technical community. 

So I'm thinking of setting up a Wechat group for DNS people in China and inviting most related people. 
So that we can exchange information and response swiftly just as I open this thread of discussion. 


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