[dns-operations] Questions on DNS Flag day 2020 proposal

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Jun 17 10:34:51 UTC 2019

Davey Song wrote on 2019-06-16 23:12:
> Hi folks,
> ...
> 1) How to enhance and implement the idea of making DNS over TCP support 
> mandatory. In 2019 flag day, I know the approach is to narrow the living 
> space of authoritative servers to get a good performance from a updated 
> resolver if they do not support EDNS. But as to TCP,  how to enhance it? 

i have much sadness that RFC 6013 was not adopted. it contains a 
compressed endpoint state identical to that used for syn flood 
protection (so, works at attack-scale), and allows a connection to go 
quiescent, restartable at any time, preserving the old window size. this 
means it can answer queries in a single round trip no matter whether 
they fit in a single tcp segment. i guess we just did a bad job selling 
it. see also <http://c59951.r51.cf2.rackcdn.com/5034-126-metzger.pdf>.

note, bill implemented this for bsd and linux. what was missing was a 
code-point, since none remain after all the other tcp expansion.

> ...
> 2) No matter how to implement it, it definitely exerts a huge pressure 
> on authoritative DNS operators (huge of them) due to the performance of 
> DNS over TCP. Did the guys who proposed this ever ask the opinion from 
> the circle of authoritative DNS operators? Is there any vote or rough 
> consensus from majority of them? And where? ICANN GNSO TechOps? I heard 
> this complain because some of DNS operators feel strongly that they have 
> been bullied even not being asked.

the position i heard was, we know how to do tcp at scale, look at any 
modern web server or load balancer -- so, just do what they do. i didn't 
agree that we know how to do tcp at scale, or that web servers or load 
balancers are good examples. however, that seems to have been consensus. 
noting, such a web server can require tens of gigabytes of kernel memory 
to hold all of the necessary connection state. not a design worthy of 
emulation, according to me.

> I also suggest we should continue this discussion and invite more people 
> to join in case of giving people a bad impression as a "tyranny by the 
> few".

in dnsop there is no such thing as a bad idea, and whoever shows up or 
writes a draft, can do pretty much whatever they want. i now realize 
that we did still need dnsext, and should not have shut it down, because 
it provided a gating function against added complexity in this protocol.

P Vixie

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