[dns-operations] [Ext] Re: TLD zones with lame servers

Kim Davies kim.davies at iana.org
Fri Jun 14 18:01:30 UTC 2019

Quoting Anand Buddhdev on Thursday June 13, 2019:
> If the folk in Cameroon are unable to make a request to change
> delegation, would IANA consider a request from RIPE NCC for this
> delegation change, given that it is very clear from all sides, that our
> name server should not be in the root zone?

In short, yes. Its worth noting nameserver operators always have standing to
submit change requests, but they would still need to be authorised by the TLD
manager to proceed.

If the TLD manager is unresponsive we'd look at the circumstances and the
mitigating circumstances to create a plan of action.


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