[dns-operations] what's ongoing with WEBEX and dot queries

Mayer Hans Hans.Mayer at iiasa.ac.at
Sat Jun 8 19:46:14 UTC 2019

Dear All,

Since 2019 06 05 around 10:00 UTC I see a much higher number of queries to our name servers for top level dot (.)
This happened before too from anywhere but with an amount of queries of 5 to 10 times per day. Now we are in a range of average 2000 queries per hour up to 7200 queries per  hour.


Interesting is that only one of our  4 DNS server is used for these queries.

All these remote IP’s are coming from WEBEX. A reverse lookup ends with something.webex.com<http://something.webex.com>
The geo-locations are limited to 4 destinations
US, San Jose
Repulic of Singapore, Singapore
China, Beijing

Did anyone else register this obviously misconfigured DNS from Webex ?

Kind regards


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