[dns-operations] is glue expected in this case?

Shane Kerr shane at time-travellers.org
Thu Jan 24 08:58:31 UTC 2019


On 24/01/2019 01.27, Veaceslav Revutchi wrote:
> When I send this query to any afilias servers the response includes
> the A record for the name server in the org tld.
> ; <<>> DiG 9.11.3-1ubuntu1.2-Ubuntu <<>> @2001:500:f::1
> adaptation-fund.org +norec +noall +auth +add
> ; (1 server found)
> ;; global options: +cmd
> adaptation-fund.org. 86400 IN NS ns-152.awsdns-19.com.
> adaptation-fund.org. 86400 IN NS ns-890.awsdns-47.net.
> adaptation-fund.org. 86400 IN NS ns-1281.awsdns-32.org.
> adaptation-fund.org. 86400 IN NS ns-1768.awsdns-29.co.uk.
> ns-1281.awsdns-32.org. 86400 IN A
> I would expect this glue to be present at the tld if
> ns-1281.awsdns-32.org was one of the name servers for awsdns-32.org
> which is not the case. Is there another reason for this record to be
> kept in the org zone?

I believe that zone administrators can add glue records independently of 
whether they are actually used in the zone.

My guess is that either ns-1281.awsdns-32.org was used as a name server 
at some point in the past, is planned for this at some point in the 
future, or is a contingency zone just in case it is used in the future. 
Of course it could be an error too (like a typo or software bug).



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