[dns-operations] How .org name server handle large DNS response?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu Jan 3 17:50:03 UTC 2019

>> I think nowadays, it should be possible to clamp the sending buffer size
>> to something like 1200 bytes (to leave some room for tunnels) and
>> configure the system so that it will never generate atomic fragments, ...
> i think that's the wrong approach. rather, we should alter the servers
> so that all udp responses and perhaps all tcp segments are
> fragmented. let those who think they have deployed ipv6 but who don't
> permit fragmentation be the ones to do additional work -- not those
> whose implementations are compliant and interoperable.
> middleboxes must receive truly bad service and miserable treatment, or
> we will be their slaves forever. the 19 years of EDNS deployment
> should have taught us that lesson irrevocably and unambiguously.

erik naggum was right
being liberal, in the protocol case, is a path to entropic death


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