[dns-operations] December 2018 DNSSEC stats

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Tue Jan 1 02:59:56 UTC 2019

[ With credit due to Paul Vixie of Farsight Security for supporting
  this survey with ongoing data snapshots that help to significantly
  improve the survey's coverage.  Also of course ICANN for the gTLD
  data via CZDS and data contributions from the TLD registries for
  .CH, .COM, .DK, .INFO, .IS, .NAME, .LI, .NL and .ORG and open access
  for .FR, .NU and .SE.  More data sources of ccTLD signed delegations

  With help with Wes Hardaker, the data in this report are updated
  daily at <http://stats.dnssec-tools.org/> (work-in-progress, but
  fairly complete). ]
The December 2018 numbers from the DANE/DNSSEC survey are:

Total DS RRsets:                8,767,177
Validatable apex DNSKEY RRsets: 8,637,821

[ The drop from last month is a result of an in progress migration
  to a more modern stack at a provider with O(200k) domains, that
  chose to disable DNSSEC during the migration, but should soon
  be back with equal or greater numbers. ]

For a more detailed breakdown, see:


updated daily.


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