[dns-operations] IPv6 only for nameservers

Shane Kerr shane at time-travellers.org
Tue Dec 31 09:27:29 UTC 2019

Stephane and all,

On 30/12/2019 16.01, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 05:18:01PM +0300,
>   Anand Buddhdev <anandb at ripe.net> wrote
>   a message of 17 lines which said:
>> If your domain's authoritative name servers have only IPv6
>> addresses, then your domain will not be resolvable by many resolvers
>> on the Internet, because many of them only have IPv4 connectivity.
> This was in 2014 but I'm not sure it changed a lot since:
> https://labs.ripe.net/Members/stephane_bortzmeyer/how-many-ripe-atlas-probes-can-resolve-ipv6-only-domain-names

I just re-ran a similar test and got about a 71% success rate:


While technically slightly better than 67% success rate measured 5 years 
ago, to me this means that running an IPv6-only name server it is 
basically not possible.

I also ran a version using IPv6-enabled probes, and got an 89% success rate:


I think that even 90% is still not good enough to allow you to run an 
IPv6-only name server, at least for general Internet usage. 😞



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