[dns-operations] good async DNS library

Hellqvist, Björn bjorn.hellqvist at teliacompany.com
Mon Apr 29 08:55:38 UTC 2019


We utilize pycares in Python for our monitoring solution. This is utilizing the c-ares async resolver library. 

But we only measure if it gets resolved and the return code, not looking too deep into the packets. It runs as a daemon and each query is threaded using Timer, so it will query each second, so it is non-blocking. So basically it will be able to send queries to the same server, even if the first one is not finished.

There are also asyncio DNS libraries for python. I think I started with that but moved to pycares instead. 

Bjorn Hellqvist
Senior System Expert (Internet, DNS & Automation)
Telia Company
Solna, Sweden

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> >It might simpler to just fork a process of your existing code for every
> resolver request though.
> If you're willing to use python, the regular dnspython library works fine with
> the built in python3 concurrent.futures thread library.
> I've done DNS queries in 100 threads in parallel on a not particularly fast
> server with no trouble.  I could probably run more but that was enough for
> my application.
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