[dns-operations] good async DNS library

Luis E. Muñoz dns-operations at lem.click
Fri Apr 26 04:36:17 UTC 2019

On 25 Apr 2019, at 15:02, Viktor Dukhovni wrote:

> It is used in the DANE survey code and easily generates and
> sinks 2500 qps, while also doing some SMTP connections, and
> a non-trivial mix of dead domains adding to the latency.

In my experience, it will be non-trivial to touch those numbers with 
either Perl or Python. Also memory will become an issue.

I may add https://github.com/miekg/dns if you're into Go. This will 
touch these numbers, but you'll have to write some timeout code by 
As far a Go libraries go, this one is quite complete and have served me 
well for what I've used it recently.

Best regards


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