[dns-operations] web-based DNS resolver statistics

bert hubert bert.hubert at powerdns.com
Mon Apr 8 19:04:14 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

In an effort to learn more about DNS (stub) resolver performance, we have
made the following two sites:

https://metrics.powerdns.org/ - measures how quickly your
browser/tablet/operating system/phone/network can resolve random DNSSEC
names, and what IP addresses are used to resolve those names.

https://metrics.lua.powerdns.org/ - same, but for a non-DNSSEC domain name.

This outputs 10 attempts to resolve random names, and for each attempt
displays how long the lookup took, plus what the query source IP address of
the resolver that queried the PowerDNS authoritative server, plus what
query types were received (can include DS, DNSKEY and NS for qname

For comparison, it also retrieves a small image from that server to see how
long that took. This is presented in a moderately attractive table.

It is instructive to use this site to compare the performance of DoH
providers to your own/ISP's DNS.

We are providing these sites on a best-effort basis as we think they may be
of benefit for lots of people to debug DNS problems on end-user equipment.
And in fact, even during the first few days of trial, we've received reports
of people discovering their nameserver was 1) slow and 2) not the nameserver
they thought they were using.

Note: We do log the DNS resolver times measured by this site!

We are pondering turning this into a publication of a list of which major
resolver IP addresses map to what netmasks, as this may be of use for anyone
doing DNS-based load balancing. We are still pondering the privacy
implications of providing such a list, plus the inevitable amount of
pre-processing that would need to be done.

Feedback is more than welcome. In the near future we will likely be
anycasting this site so the numbers become more useful globally, wher ethe
site will also show which anycast node you ended up on.


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