[dns-operations] subzone delegation best practice

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Sep 26 17:31:32 UTC 2018

In article <CE1A4D72-9B12-4D32-83AF-09FF6C21657A at blacknight.com> you write:
>We’ve had some “interesting” issues with subdomains getting compromised and some vendors deciding to blacklist
>So based on our experience I’d avoid it ☺

Depends on what your goals are.  If you're serious about your brand,
https://puppies.bigcorp.fido is clearly you,
https://bigcorp-puppies.com smells like a phish.

This does mean that you have to police the behavior of your
contractors, but if you care about your brand, shouldn't you be doing
that anyway?

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