[dns-operations] [DNSOP] DNSSEC threshold signatures idea

Mukund Sivaraman muks at mukund.org
Thu Sep 6 17:49:26 UTC 2018

On Thu, Sep 06, 2018 at 02:34:12PM -0300, Hugo Salgado-Hernández wrote:
> Hi Mukund.
> I talked about this to Davey in Montreal. There's an implementation
> in github[1] and presentations in OARC[2] and ICANN[3].

Aha so you're the original source :)

> I'm not sure if its being used right now in a live zone, but certainly
> in labs and testing. There's been some interests with academic
> institutions, but don't think they're ready yet.
> We've been trying to focus this technology as a "poor-man" HSM, as
> having similar security features without buying an expensive HW.
> But I think the root and similar high-value zones will benefit for
> having an split of the private key AND the fact of not needing a
> "root key ceremony" to sign, because you can sign remotely with
> each piece of the private key, and transmit the "signature pieces"
> to a central place.
> Hugo
> [1] https://github.com/niclabs/docker/tree/master/tchsm
> [2] <https://indico.dns-oarc.net/getFile.py/access?contribId=22&sessionId=3&resId=1&materialId=slides&confId=20>
> [3] <http://buenosaires48.icann.org/en/schedule/wed-dnssec/presentation-dnssec-cryptographic-20nov13-en>

So this's implemented as a PKCS 11 provider.. interesting. In my mind I
was thinking along the lines of updates to dnssec-keygen +
dnssec-signzone + intermediate RRSIG representation using new RR type +
zone transfers to share intermediate effects.


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