[dns-operations] DANE SMTP adoption milestone (one.com enables DANE SMTP for ~400k domains)

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Sun Nov 25 05:49:46 UTC 2018

Perhaps old news to some/many of you who got the news earlier via Twitter:


but for anyone who missed it, yesterday saw an ~120% jump in the number/fraction
of DNSSEC signed domains that have DANE TLSA records for their MX hosts:


As of today, ~739 thousand or ~8.4% out of the ~8.76 million domains covered
in my DANE/DNSSEC survey have DANE TLSA records for all their MX primary hosts.
Indeed all but ~1900 have DANE TLSA records for all their MX hosts, primary or

This is a result of DNSSEC and DANE TLSA deployment at one.com, where ~400k
DNSSEC-signed customer domains that are MX-hosted by one.com now have MX
hosts with signed TLSA records.  Thanks and congratulations to one.com for
helping to move DANE adoption to this new level.

I hope that more providers will do likewise soon, and that DANE will before
too long become the norm for DNSSEC-signed domains.


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