[dns-operations] potential future same-quad open resolvers - and

Royce Williams royce at techsolvency.com
Wed Nov 7 14:21:32 UTC 2018

Does anyone know of any UK plans to stand up open resolvers? I found a hint
of that this morning.

I stumbled on it after learning that Amazon now controls the entirety 3/8
(actually two /9s, acquired at different times). Back when Quad9 came out,
on a whim I surveyed all same-quad IPs, and seemed like a natural
add. So on the Amazon news, I refreshed the survey:


... which is when I noticed this PTR: domain name pointer a1.pdns.publicsectordns.gov.uk.

... and its sibling: domain name pointer a2.pdns.publicsectordns.gov.uk. and are now separate /24 in UK Ministry of
Defence space. They were previously part of larger, publicly
undifferentiated blocks.

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