[dns-operations] about different dig version query punycode

Champion Xie xiejieling at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 02:52:23 UTC 2018

i think that   any dig version can axfr root zone ,when the dig command
contains the idnkit  shared object dependencies,they can transfer from each
other,else it is original shape,  here is an example of validation

find all dig command at  linux OS
#[root at xiejieling-otrs ~]# which -a dig

validation 1:
[root at rd-of-01 ~]# ldd /usr/local/bin/dig |grep idn
[root at rd-of-01 ~]# /usr/local/bin/dig xn--fiqs8s ns +noall +answer  #query
punycode, answer keep  original

; <<>> DiG 9.11.1cn1-P3 <<>> xn--fiqs8s ns +noall +answer
;; global options: +cmd
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    k.dns.cn.
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    j.dns.cn.
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    l.dns.cn.
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    h.dns.cn.
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    i.dns.cn.
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    m.dns.cn.
xn--fiqs8s.        84873    IN    NS    n.dns.cn.

[root at rd-of-01 ~]# /usr/local/bin/dig  中国 ns +noall +question #query IDN

; <<>> DiG 9.11.1cn1-P3 <<>> 中国 ns +noall +question
;; global options: +cmd
;*\228\184\173\229\155\189.*    IN    NS

validation  2、
[root at rd-of-01 ~]# ldd /usr/bin/dig |grep idn
    libidn.so.11 => /lib64/libidn.so.11 (0x000000393be00000)
[root at rd-of-01 ~]# /usr/bin/dig xn--fiqs8s ns +noall +answer #query
punycode the answer transfer original

; <<>> DiG 9.8.2rc1-RedHat-9.8.2-0.62.rc1.el6 <<>> xn--fiqs8s ns +noall
;; global options: +cmd
中国.            84705    IN    NS    m.dns.cn.
中国.            84705    IN    NS    n.dns.cn.
中国.            84705    IN    NS    h.dns.cn.
中国.            84705    IN    NS    i.dns.cn.
中国.            84705    IN    NS    l.dns.cn.
中国.            84705    IN    NS    k.dns.cn.
中国.            84705    IN    NS    j.dns.cn.

the solution :
1、 conpile idnkit
    cd /home/ops/bind-9.11.2/contrib/idn/idnkit-1.0-src
   ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/idnkit && make && make install
2、reconfigure bind
  cd    /home/ops/bind-9.11.2/
  ./configure --enable-threads --with-idn=/usr/local/idnkit && make && make
   #--with-idn=MPREFIX      enable IDN support using idnkit default PREFIX

Best Regards!!
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