[dns-operations] Announcement - DNS flag day on 2019-02-01

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Thu May 31 01:22:31 UTC 2018

Mark Andrews wrote:
> ...
> Handling of unknown EDNS options was not well defined in RFC 2671.  ...


> AWS has had years to fix this.  Yes, you were informed that EDNS(1) handling was
> broken years ago.  Saying that you don’t have time to do this does not cut it
> anymore.

also +1.

the only way to make operators care about this is break their stuff for 
them. i am in favour of the flag day, because otherwise, AWS and others 
with a lot of investment and influence might never have to become modern.

we should probably not, ever, have put in any EDNS workarounds. let it 
fail and start the shouting and finger pointing early. generally 
speaking, if AWS customers see less web traffic, AWS will fix their DNS.

P Vixie

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