[dns-operations] Observed DNSKEY algorithms

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Mon May 21 21:43:44 UTC 2018

> On May 21, 2018, at 5:33 PM, Michael Sinatra <michael at brokendns.net> wrote:
> Does the current survey look unique algorithms per domain-key-type, and
> the previous one look at total keys or is there some other difference in
> method?

The previous post counted RRs, this one counts qnames, so yes,
the numbers are lower now any time there are two keys with the
same algorithm...  I hope the new numbers are more useful.

I can go back to the old format.  Or just this once also report
the RR count numbers for comparison...  (Just drop a "distinct"
qualifier from an SQL query).


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