[dns-operations] IPv6 PTR best practice

George Michaelson ggm at algebras.org
Fri May 11 00:14:08 UTC 2018

I'd really like us to focus on "how" documents for this problem. Which
probably means, for the documents in this problem-space. Because, the
"why" and "not why" (or "why we don't want to") parts of the question
are still really contentious, and I don't think we have anything like
consensus on them.

  * "how" to manage reverse-DNS in IPv6 for large IPv6 address spaces
using dynamic configuration models (tricks coded in bind's named.conf,
or in a zonefile prior to loading which change how the server behaves
when it walks into this space)
  * "how" to provide a mechanism for customers to take (limited,
conditional) ownership of a /56 (or whatever) in this reverse
namespace sensibly -A basic client-server protocol question, in-band
or out-of-band. Its not unlike the RRR question we're doing in REGEXT
regarding DS key management actually.
  * "how" to cope with dynamic IP assignment and stale data (ok, this
gets harder, its closer to a 'why" question)

I find the "why" parts, and the "you must" parts very hard. Whilst I
work for an RIR and we have an absolute commitment to providing the
higher delegation point service in this space, I don't feel there are
strong obligations in reverse DNS. There are "want" stories. and there
are people from other domains of interest like spam/mail/abuse/cert
who are "interested" in this question. But I think right now, the best
questions are the analogous "how" questions to the ones above:

  * "how" can we help vendors, coders, OS people support ISP common
methods to do this reverse registration/management
  * "how" can we leverage reverse-DNS in IPv6 to improve service delivery

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