[dns-operations] IPv6 PTR best practice

Mark Milhollan mlm at pixelgate.net
Wed May 9 05:49:26 UTC 2018

On Tue, 8 May 2018, Grant Taylor wrote:
>On 05/08/2018 07:23 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:

>> They see their kludge of pre-populating the reverse address space as being
>> "good enough" for IPv4 and just want to do the same for IPv6 rather than
>> actually look for solutions that will work.
> Oh God!
> The *MASSIVE* number of /unneeded/ records would be astonishing.  Not to
> mention the amount of resources that said records would consume.

Or synthesizing them on-the-fly, which doesn't need so many resources 
but then we're back to whether the textual result is useful and the 
arguments around that.


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