[dns-operations] google DNS doing validation?

frnkblk at iname.com frnkblk at iname.com
Thu Jul 26 16:34:53 UTC 2018

I used to use rhybar.cz, but the zone hasn’t been working since May 26 around 1:30 am (U.S. Central).




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On 07/26/2018 05:29 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:

There's only two zones that I know that are intentionally broken (servfail.nl and www.dnssec-failed.org <http://www.dnssec-failed.org>  -- I'd love to have a few more), but they provide at least some indication that our customer-facing DNS resolvers are properly performing DNSsec validation. 

I know about our: http://dnsviz.net/d/rhybar.cz/dnssec/ (a translation of "phisher")



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