[dns-operations] blockchain DNS

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Jan 29 18:46:03 UTC 2018

> The DNS registry is not (or should not) be the content police force; 
> they may be targeted because the central entity appears a "responsible" 
> authority for the presence of a domain in the DNS: ...

That horse left the barn decades ago.  Here in the real world registries 
take down fraudulent and illegal names all the time.  And I mean all the 
time, thousands or tens of thousands a day.

We now return you to the actual DNS, I hope.



> But in a similar way you can publish and discover resolution data;  you 
> can have a way for 3rd parties to publish and you to discover 
> "Reputation Data" --- or "User Advisories against domain X".

Yes, we're aware of RPZ.  There are quite a few widely used RPZ data 
providers, too.

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