[dns-operations] Registrar for .net and .com fails to accept an NS in .edu

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Wed Dec 5 19:04:27 UTC 2018

On 12/04/2018 06:18 PM, John W.O'Brien wrote:
> My .edu registrar has informed me that they are unable to register server 
> names with greater than three labels. So... The saga continues?

Do you (or anybody) have any idea where this limitation comes from?

I can see how the 3rd label would be a host in the (2nd label) domain 
(zone) that you're registering.

But I would think that the registrar could create a glue record with 
more than three labels.

example.edu.                 IN   NS   ns1.sub2.sub1.example.edu.
example.edu.                 IN   NS   ns2.sub2.sub1.example.edu.
example.edu.                 IN   NS   ns3.sub2.sub1.example.edu.
ns1.sub2.sub1.example.edu.   IN   A
ns1.sub2.sub1.example.edu.   IN   A
ns1.sub2.sub1.example.edu.   IN   A

Do I have an incorrect understanding (assumption) that glue records 
could be more than 1 label deeper than the domain (zone) being registered?

Is this an artificial limitation of the system that the .edu registrar 
is using?  I.e. they assume that the DNS server will be immediately 
subordinate of the domain (zone)?

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