[dns-operations] Registrar for .net and .com fails to accept an NS in .edu

John W.O'Brien obrienjw at upenn.edu
Mon Dec 3 23:58:52 UTC 2018

Hi Duane,

Thank you for chiming in on this. This information is convergent with
what I've been learning via off-list responses and from tech support
contacts at various organizations.

A thing that is still causing me some grinding of gears---and this feels
like I may be wandering into unknowing-n00b territory---is the use of
the term "glue records" in this context. This is a Verisign business
logic-based process step, not a DNS protocol-based one. Right?

I have succeeded in delegating a .org name to a name server in each of
the .edu and .net domains, and a .net name to a .org NS, and a .com name
to a .us NS, and none of the receiving servers are registered. What then
is the purpose of the consistency checks among COM, NET, and EDU from
Verisign's perspective? Is there any possibility of relaxing or removing
them? What harm is prevented that names and name servers in other TLDs
remain susceptible to?

On 2018/12/03 16:55, Wessels, Duane wrote:
> John,
> .com, .net, and .edu share the same backend registry database.  The message that you're getting when attempting to register the .net and .com domains is saying that there should be glue records for uphs{1,2,3}.uphs.upenn.edu in that shared database.
> So you would have to go to your .edu registrar and add these hosts under the upenn.edu account in order to make it work.
> DW
> On 12/3/18, 10:35 AM, "dns-operations on behalf of John W.O'Brien" <dns-operations-bounces at dns-oarc.net on behalf of obrienjw at upenn.edu> wrote:
>     Good day DNS Operators,
>     I am having some trouble making uphs{1,2,3}.uphs.upenn.edu authoritative
>     for a number of domains in net and com. The registrar claims that the
>     name servers have to be "registered" but doesn't appear to provide a
>     mechanism for doing so. There is already appropriate glue in edu for the
>     upenn.edu NS, and in upenn.edu for the uphs.upenn.edu NS, and they are
>     all happily answering queries for those domains. I'm struggling to
>     understand what it means to be registered and how to do it.
>     Could someone wiser than I in the ways of registrars and TLD operators
>     shed some light on my predicament?

John W. O'Brien
University of Pennsylvania
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