[dns-operations] TLSA denial of existence issues at doserv.com (enavn.dk?)

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Thu Aug 30 22:05:55 UTC 2018

> On Aug 6, 2018, at 9:43 PM, Viktor Dukhovni <ietf-dane at dukhovni.org> wrote:
> A handful of hosting providers account for the majority of observed issues
> with DNSSEC denial of existence.  I've put together an easy to browse
> DNSViz "gallery" of the problems seen at each of the top 10 such providers:
> 52   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/dotserv.com.html

That number is now 51, all but 3 have NSEC "out-of-order" NSEC chains
in which the RHS sorts before the LHS but the RHS is not the zone apex.

For the remaining 3, the RHS is the zone apex, but NSEC record does
not cover the qname:


> ... perhaps some of you know exactly the right person ...
> to gently nudge to get the issues resolved ...

I've not had any luck with <support at enavn.dk> or their twitter account.
Anyone know any humans behind dotserv.com (seemingly enavk.dk)?


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