[dns-operations] Top 10 hosting providers with denial of existence issues

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Tue Aug 7 01:43:09 UTC 2018

A handful of hosting providers account for the majority of observed issues
with DNSSEC denial of existence.  I've put together an easy to browse
DNSViz "gallery" of the problems seen at each of the top 10 such providers:

89   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/dotroll.com.html
71   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/mijnhostingpartner.nl.html
64   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/is.nl.html
62   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/metaregistrar.nl.html
52   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/dotserv.com.html
41   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/tiscomhosting.nl.html
33   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/sylconia.net.html
25   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/nrdns.nl.html
21   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/host-redirect.com.html
16   http://imrryr.org/~viktor/dnsviz/nazwa.pl.html [*]

This may appeal to the morbid curiosity of some of you.  On a more hopeful
note, perhaps some of you know exactly the right person at one or more of
the above to gently nudge to get the issues resolved (and are willing to
do that).


[*] The nazwa.pl data is less complete, because "dnsviz print" threw
an exception trying to process "_25._tcp.bloomga.com".  And though the
wildcard zone-apex "NS" given unbound sufficient indigestion to ServFail,
this is not reflected in most of the nazwa.pl DNSViz graphs.

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