[dns-operations] auth servers in different TLDs

Yonghua Peng ypeng at gmx.net
Wed Apr 18 01:09:40 UTC 2018

if all .com NS servers are down, but if we put a glue in root NS 
servers, for example,

example.com.            86400   IN      NS      ns1.domain.de.

Then ns1.domain.de will resolve this com domain correctly.
Am I right?

On 2018/4/17 PM 9:46, Bob Harold wrote:
> If your domain is under ".com", then it won't be reachable if all the 
> .com NS servers are unreachable, even if you have NS servers in other 
> TLD's, because resolvers won't be able to query the parent zone.  Except 
> for short outages while the parent zone info is cached.  So I don't 
> think it really helps much.

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