[dns-operations] Changes to NZRS and InternetNZ

Daniel Griggs daniel at internetnz.net.nz
Mon Apr 2 23:20:09 UTC 2018

Apologies if you have received this notice via other forums.

>From 1 April 2018, all the work of InternetNZ and NZRS is being streamlined
under one banner; InternetNZ.

The NZRS name will cease to exist, and its people and services have been
merged into InternetNZ.

While this change is occurring for our colleagues in InternetNZ, The Domain
Name Commission has also focused in on its independent role overseeing the
.nz domain name space and administering the .nz dispute resolution service.

They will have a smaller Board which means .nz policy development is now
the responsibility of InternetNZ. It will be setting up a new .nz policy
committee to decide policy, fees and commercial terms (with input and
advice from the community).

The rationale for these changes is to simplify how Internet users work with
us, and to improve the effectiveness of our part in governance and
management of the Internet. The background work on these changes is
detailed here [

Our vision remains the same: a better world through a better Internet.

If you have any questions or thoughts on the above, please contact me

Daniel Griggs
e: daniel at internetnz.net.nz
p: +64 27 448 8230
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