[dns-operations] TLD(s) for private use

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Fri Sep 8 01:31:25 UTC 2017

In article <6A91F798-EC13-429C-96EC-63901BF64F02 at gmail.com> you write:
>If you want a standard, it won't work for everyone all the time, but it should probably work for as many cases as possible.

On the assumption that "no, you don't want a local TLD and I will
explain the arcane reasons why not" isn't persuasive, which in my
experience it isn't, the two least bad options I see are:

a.  Squat on one of the 3166 user assigned codes like .ZZ, or use a
pre-squatted one like .QZ (the European plant patent office) or even
.TP which is reserved until 2043 at which point I expect it won't be
my problem any more.  Hypothetically some political thing might happen
and cause any of these to be delegated, but I'm willing to risk it.

2.  Take a tip from IPv6 and make up a random name.  I would wager
quite a lot that none of these TLDs will appear in the root zone in my



PS to Jim: I used to have a home LAN with no DHCP server and no NAT,
and it worked great, but then I switched ISPs and had to give their /24

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