[dns-operations] dns-operations Digest, Vol 141, Issue 12

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Oct 11 06:01:41 UTC 2017

I suggest that you upgrade to a modern version of dig.  The output didn't
include any RRSIG which puts it well before this bug fix.

3903.   [bug]           Improve the accuracy of DiG's reported round trip
                        time. [RT 36611]

3205.   [func]          Upgrade dig's defaults to better reflect modern
                        nameserver behavior.  Enable "dig +adflag" and
                        "dig +edns=0" by default.  Enable "+dnssec" when
                        running "dig +trace". [RT #23497]

'dig +trace' used to include all the time to lookup nameserver
addresses for the next lookup.

Also it is bad form to take a digest message and include its entire
contents especially when starting a new topic.  Just select the
email address and compose a new message rather than replying to the
digest message.

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