[dns-operations] Akamai's missing SOA bug fixed

Ralf Weber dns at fl1ger.de
Thu Oct 5 05:36:30 UTC 2017


On 4 Oct 2017, at 19:56, David C Lawrence wrote:

> On Saturday at the DNS-OARC meeting, Ralf Weber of Nominum gave a very
> interesting presentation on cache performance. His slides are here:
> https://indico.dns-oarc.net/event/27/session/5/contribution/5/material/slides/0.pdf
> One of his observations was that he was getting a surprisingly high
> number of cache misses for Akamai names.  He eventually tracked this
> down to uncacheable negative answers where our authorities had not
> included an SOA in the response.  This was certainly a surprising
> finding to me, and so I got up to the mic and acknowledged it was
> unintentional and that we would endeavour to fix it quickly.
> The fix was deployed on Monday afternoon.
Thanks a lot for doing that and doing it so quick. It has a huge impact.
> It turns out that this was a bug introduced with a software release
> that completed on 30 August.  It had not been present in previous
> releases.  One of the nameservers team members noticed the problem and
> had already fixed it for the next software release, due imminently,
> but hadn't made the leap as to the implications for resolver caches.
The attached graph I grabbed from one server shows the authoritative
request over the last 90 days and shows a nearly 50% increase at peak 
in September because of this. The last two days it has been back to 
so thanks again for fixing this.

So long
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