[dns-operations] [Ext] Re: new public DNS service:

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Tue Nov 21 19:18:19 UTC 2017

Leo Vegoda wrote:
> Paul Vixie wrote:
> [...]
>> i noted after ~4.5M internet users signed google's anti-SOPA
>> petition, none of the two dozen people i surveyed on the matter,
>> who had signed that petition, had read SOPA or understood
>> anything about SOPA other than google's summary in the petition.
>> those two dozen users included some technical but mostly not
>> technical.
> The Bill was 78 pages long and not an easy read for people without a legal
> background. If you think people need the ability to understand technical
> background to have the right to care about an issue you are setting the bar
> very high. Most people are neither skilled in law or technology.

i'm not asking them to read the bill. on the other hand i do ask that 
they read more than one point of view, and make up their own mind. as we 
saw in the 2016 national elections, people won't do any of that; they 
will read whatever text seeks them out and yells at them; they will 
believe simplistic biased messages; they will believe uncritically; they 
will act accordingly.

not all people. but enough to justify the term, "madness of crowds", and 
also "popular delusions".

people use because their friends do, or because they think it's 
a cool number, or because they saw it spray painted on a concrete wall 
somewhere. NOT because they know what the issues are, and carefully 
considered their alternatives and the implicaitons, and made an informed 

P Vixie

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