[dns-operations] new public DNS service:

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Tue Nov 21 03:59:49 UTC 2017

On 21/11/2017 10:39, Damian Menscher wrote:
> Actually the users *do* care, which is why they explicitly
> changed their settings from the ISP default to

i am generally thankful to google for operating the service, 
without filtering, and with a reasonable privacy policy. but, the above 
statement is wrong on its facts.

users very often pick mindlessly, because why not. it's been 
spray painted on arab spring walls. to view this as "care," is not 
reasonable. the ISP may be doing bad things. a user won't generally 
know, or have a way to know, or "care" whether it's true, because reasons.

i noted after ~4.5M internet users signed google's anti-SOPA petition, 
none of the two dozen people i surveyed on the matter, who had signed 
that petition, had read SOPA or understood anything about SOPA other 
than google's summary in the petition. those two dozen users included 
some technical but mostly not technical.

end-user "care" is not happening. any time you think it is, you're 
confused. any time you say it is, you're confusing others. whatever 
actually does happen or is happening or will happen, was not, is not, 
and will not be "care".

the physical, functional inability to process the understanding needed 
as a precursor to "care" is (1) why people should, but (2) generally 
can't, run their own RDNS.

"care" is a misnomer or a non-sequitur above, depending on tense.

P Vixie

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