[dns-operations] new public DNS service:

Robert Edmonds edmonds at mycre.ws
Tue Nov 21 02:33:32 UTC 2017

Noel Butler wrote:
> Of the couple that ever did ask why we localised and the "4" one
> as well, I asked them to give me a reason why they'd want to use an
> external DNS server, that would ultimately respond slower than one we
> provide that was 10-30ms away, and at least at that time, provided no
> nasty sites protection, what does that other DNS server do that ours
> didn't, the silence was so deafening, until one said "it seemed cool to
> use"    All I could do was just laugh. 

Hijacking other providers' service addresses is an extremely serious
remedy. If an ISP were caught doing this, their users don't have to
justify their desire to use a third party service to the ISP. The ISP
should have to justify why such a serious remedy is necessary in the
first place.

Robert Edmonds

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