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Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Tue Nov 21 01:01:09 UTC 2017

On 21/11/2017 10:39, Damian Menscher wrote:

> Actually the users *do* care, which is why they explicitly changed their settings from the ISP default to 
> Maybe I'm old school, but I dont see a need for any open public resolvers, those that run them, dont do it out the kindness of their heart, there is always a commercial reason.

You're right, there is a commercial reason Google operates an open
public resolver: "our business depends on functional internet, so let's
provide users an alternative to slow, broken, or actively malicious ISP

I suppose you'll have us believe the ISPs are hijacking to their
own systems out of the goodness of their hearts, and not for some
commercial reason (which is likely exactly what the users are trying to
avoid)?  Sorry, but I don't buy the claim that hijacking another
company's address space to violate the express intent of your users is
something you're doing just to be nice. 


I think we all know googles reasons far exceed the "functional internet"

The reason we stopped allowing third party DNS was way back because
clients would often use other DNS severs, mostly previous ISP's DNS's
when churning services over, and would nearly always result in support
getting "slow sites" , "takes ages to respond"  complaints, the support
guys quickly realised what was going on, once changing to ours all
complaints about slow sites ended, its also why we anycasted our own
cache DNS's in each states PoP since our own users on other side of
country found delays too that also vanished. 

It was extended to include distributed lists of malware, phishing and
virus laden sites to return NXDOMAIN, in recent years RPZ was also used
for dangerous domains, and court ordered blocked sites, since we could
send them to a landing page.

So yes, there are non commercial reasons for doing that stuff. 

Kind Regards, 

Noel Butler 

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